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Puesto que Richelle Mead, siempre atenta a sus fans, hizo el compromiso de publicar entradas del “diario” de Adrian Ivashkov (personaje de la saga Vampire Academy), aquí se las traigo en el idioma original las disponibles hasta el momento. Puedes saber y conocer más de esta fantástica autora en su página de facebook aquí (en inglés). 


Adrian’s Diary #1
Date: Springtime, taking place sometime during the year VA #1 happens

Well, I did it. I finally quit college. Again. I should’ve known better after the first time, but Mom kept pushing me to give it another shot. After half a semester, I knew I was done. Again. Dad said I didn’t try hard enough to make it work, but I think the university didn’t try hard enough to make it work for me. Like, on the first day of class, my watercolors professor kept going on and on about how we needed to express ourselves. But when I told her a couple weeks later that homework wasn’t really an expression of the powerful emotions burning within my soul, she said I was going to fail her class. Hypocrite. At least I was doing good in Intro to Women’s Studies. My professor wrote “Good effort – please rewrite” on one of my papers, which I think is pretty solid. I also got six girls’ numbers, which is more than the only other two guys in class managed to do. But I don’t really need to get up early and sit through a lecture to get phone numbers. I can do that anywhere. Dad asked me what I’m going to do with my life, now that I’m a second-time college dropout. I told him I’m going to do what I’ve always done. Be awesome. Be Adrian Ivashkov.

Adrian's Diary #2
Date: ~November, the year VA takes place
I don’t get why people are so touchy. When I told Dinah Drozdov that I wanted to keep things casual and still date other people, she was fine with that. When I told her sister Aly the same thing, she was fine with that too. But for some reason, when Dinah found out Aly was one of the “other people,” she flipped out. And when Aly found out about Dinah, she REALLY flipped out. I guess there’s some special rule about dating two sisters at the same time. Like that you aren’t supposed to do it. But then things got really bad when their dad found out. He started going off about how I was going to suffer in new and terrible ways I’d never dreamed possible. When Aunt Tatiana found out, things got really, REALLY bad. I guess Lord Drozdov is critical to some motion she’s trying to get passed, and he threatened to pull his support because of me. Aunt Tatiana was pissed, to put it mildly. I still don’t really understand these aura things I keep seeing, but hers was deep red, and that just didn’t seem like a good sign. Neither was her screaming at me. Usually, she lets me get away with anything, but this crossed a line. She told me I couldn’t stick around Court for Christmas, not with Lord Drozdov there too. She needs to smooth things over, and me sitting next to him at Christmas dinner might throw that off. So now I have to go spend the holidays at some crap ski lodge in Idaho. I hate skiing, but what I hate even worse is finding out my dad is coming along. Two weeks on “vacation” with Nathan Ivashkov? Looks like I really am going to suffer in new and terrible ways.

Adrian's Diary #3
Date: December, year VA takes place

Oh my God.

There’s some kind of high school field trip going on at this ski resort. I mean, I guess they’re technically here because of some dire threat to their lives, but you’d never guess it by the way they’re acting. I actually saw some guy ask his friend to give some girl a note asking if she’d go out with him. I nearly stopped to tell him to ditch the note and just use some Adrian Ivashkov Pro Tips, but I didn’t have that kind of time because I was on my way to the bar. There’s something about having so many people packed in here…it’s making it harder to think. I’ve ended up in other people’s dreams without meaning to and then have to act innocent if they mention it the next day. I also have trouble shutting out all these auras. It’s such a blur that I’ll just lose track of what’s going on. Being alone helps make it more bearable. Painting helps a little too. Rum helps a lot.

The one good thing about this snow-covered nightmare is that I met a cute dhampir girl tonight. She was playing hard to get, but I’m pretty sure she likes me.

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